Just some small updates to the scripts that generate the lists of IETF Drafts and RFCs. A few bug fixes mean that especially with the RFCs they should cross-link better when it comes to updates and obsoletes.

Still Alive

I know it’s been a little while since the last update but I’m still trying to keep the site alive with some relevant content.  I’ve just removed some dead links and also included RFC7113 on RA-Guard. In addition to this added a bunch of more recent whitepapers from the 2011-13 North American IPv6 Summit meetings as well as DEFCON.

Tools update

The security tools section has now been updated to separate out the more attack specific tools and this list has also been updated.  In addition to this there are some minor RFC and IETF-Drafts updates.

Housekeeping and Updates

Quite a few updates today including some housekeeping and removal of some dead links.  The general round of updates on RFCs and IETF drafts was also done to make sure they are all the latest versions.  Added some whitepapers from 2011 and a new toolkit for security assessments of IPv6.

RFC Updates

Quite a few RFCs added today on varoius subjects including SEND, DNS extensions, IPv6 to IPv6 Transitioning, IP Tunneling concerns and IPv6 Router Advertisement Guard.  Also added a link to an on-line IPv6 scanner.

IETF Drafts

Lots of updates to the IETF Internet Drafts so now the latest versions of the drafts are more likely to be there and there’s also more information on each one including author, date abstract etc. This brings them in like with the level of information on the RFC pages.