Tools update

The security tools section has now been updated to separate out the more attack specific tools and this list has also been updated.  In addition to this there are some minor RFC and IETF-Drafts updates.

Housekeeping and Updates

Quite a few updates today including some housekeeping and removal of some dead links.  The general round of updates on RFCs and IETF drafts was also done to make sure they are all the latest versions.  Added some whitepapers from 2011 and a new toolkit for security assessments of IPv6.

RFC Updates

Quite a few RFCs added today on varoius subjects including SEND, DNS extensions, IPv6 to IPv6 Transitioning, IP Tunneling concerns and IPv6 Router Advertisement Guard.  Also added a link to an on-line IPv6 scanner.

Content Refresh

Bit of an update just to let everyone know that the site is not dead. The IPv6 secition has been updated with new content in practically all new areas. In addition to this I’ve stopped archiving messages from the pkgsrc-wip lists. I’ve done this as there are a lot better public archives of them than mine.

Tools Section Added

Although not strictly security related I’ve added an extra section on online tools. This was prompted by an email I got from Brian McGehee about a tool on his website.  I also took the opportunity to update a few Internet-Drafts that have been published and also added a link to RFC4218 and a presentation on Intrusion Detection and IPv6.