General whitepaper links

  • Sean Convery has some good information on his site here.  You can find a IPv6 security page there from 2004 and although some of the links are dead the page still contains useful information and pointers.
  • The Security Expert Initiative Project (SEINIT) homepage.
  • The IPv6 publications database [DEAD LINK: http://www.6journal.org/] at the University of Southampton has some good links on IPv6 security and IPv6 in general.
  • Franjo Majstor has been presenting on IPv6 security and keeps copies of his presentations on his homepage.

Specific whitepapers by date






  • “IPv6 Security: An Enterprise Perspective” by Scott Hogg as a part of the Rocky Mountain IPv6 Summit (April 2008) [DEAD LINK: http://www.rmv6tf.org/2008-IPv6-Summit-Presentations/Scott%20Hogg%20-%20IPv6%20Security-2008-04-09.pdf].



  • IPv6 Security Considerations and Recommendations” is a Microsoft TechNet article by Joe Davies (February 2006).
  • “IPv6 Security Technology Paper” by Merike Kaeo (July 2006) [DEAD LINK: http://www.nav6tf.org/documents/nav6tf.security_report.pdf].
  • “IPv6 Network Architecture IPv6 Network Architecture Protection (NAP)” by Victoria Fineberg (July 2006) [DEAD LINK: http://www.nav6tf.org/documents/nav6tf.ipv6_nat_vf_20060710.pdf].
  • Covert Channels using IPv6/ICMPv6” by R.P Murphy at DEFCON 14 (August 2006)
  • ” IPv6: Under the Hood” by Mark Dowd as a part of RUXCON 2006 (September 2006) [DEAD LINK: http://www.ruxcon.org.au/files/2006/dowd_ipv6.ppt].
  • “Firewall Design Center and Architecture Requirements IPv6” by Jim Bound (October 2006) [DEAD LINK: http://www.nav6tf.org/documents/nav6tf.technical_report.firewall.pdf].
  • Scapy and IPv6 networking” by Philippe BIONDI and Arnaud EBALARD as a part of HITB 2006 (October 2006).
  • Attacking the IPv6 Protocol Suite” by THC (October 2006)
  • “IPv6 Security Issues” by Samuel Sotillo (2006) [DEAD LINK: http://www.infosecwriters.com/text_resources/pdf/IPv6_SSotillo.pdf].
  • “IPv6 Network Architecture Protection (NAP)” Victoria Fineberg DISA, Office of the CTO [DEAD LINK: http://www.nav6tf.org/documents/nav6tf.ipv6_nat_vf_20060710.pdf]


  • IPv6 cookbook for routing, DNS, intra-domain multicast, inter-domain multicast, and security, 2nd Version” is one of the deliverables by the 6NET project and Chapter 7 deals specifically with security.  The editor for this was Kurt Bauer (January 2005).
  • Secure IPv6 Operation- Lessons learned from 6NET, 3rd Version” is one of the deliverables by the 6NET.  The editor for this was G. Koutepas (January 2005).
  • “Security Best Practices for Service Providers” talk given by Chuck Sellers at the NAv6TF/ARIN XV IPv6 Conference (April 2005) [DEAD LINK: http://www.nav6tf.org/documents/arin-nav6tf-apr05/4.ISP_security_best_practices_CS.pdf].
  • “IPv6 Security and Security Update” talk given by John Spence at the NAv6TF/ARIN XV IPv6 Conference (April 2005) [DEAD LINK: http://www.nav6tf.org/documents/arin-nav6tf-apr05/6.IPv6_Security_Update_JS.pdf].
  • “Mitigating Security Risks in IPv6 Networks” by Merike Kaeo (April 2005) [DEAD LINK: http://www.seinit.org/documents/Pdfs/IPv6-security-DSS.pdf].
  • “Implementing Security for IPv6” from Cisco (May 2005) [DEAD LINK: http://www.cisco.com/univercd/cc/td/doc/product/software/ios123/123cgcr/ipv6_c/sa_secv6.htm].
  • IPv6 Security: Threats and solutions” talk given by Janos Mohacsi at the 3rd 6NET Workshop (May 2005).
  • “Introduction to IPv6 Security” talk given by Brian McGehee at the Coalition Summit for IPv6 in Reston, Virginia (May 2006) [DEAD LINK: http://usipv6.unixprogram.com/North_American_IPv6_Summit_2004/052005/mon/Brian_McGehee_IntrIPv6Secur.pdf].
  • “Security Aspects of IPv6” talk given by Brian McGehee at the Coalition Summit for IPv6 in Reston, Virginia (May 2006) [DEAD LINK: http://usipv6.unixprogram.com/North_American_IPv6_Summit_2004/052005/mon/Brian_McGehee_SecAspectIPv6.pdf].
  • “Security for Network Centric Operations” by Richard Graveman at the Coalition Summit for IPv6 in Reston, Virginia (May 2006) [DEAD LINK: http://usipv6.unixprogram.com/North_American_IPv6_Summit_2004/052005/mon/Richard_Graveman.pdf].
  • “IP Version 6 Migration” by Ryan J. Determan at the Coalition Summit for IPv6 in Reston, Virginia (May 2006) [DEAD LINK: http://usipv6.unixprogram.com/North_American_IPv6_Summit_2004/052005/mon/Ryan_Determan_IPv6Migration.pdf].
  • “Threats to Communication” by Steven M. Bellovin at the Coalition Summit for IPv6 in Reston, Virginia (May 2006) [DEAD LINK: http://usipv6.unixprogram.com/North_American_IPv6_Summit_2004/052005/mon/Steve_Bellovin_ThreatToComm.pdf].
  • Rethinking Security” (Caution: large download @130Mb) talk given by Varo Vives and Jordi Palet at the IPv6 Summit in Barcelona (June 2005).
  • IPv6 Intrusion Detection Systems: A call to arms” (Caution: large download @130Mb) talk given by Tim Chown and Troy Lancaster at the IPv6 Summit in Barcelona (June 2005).
  • Network Architecture Protection” (Caution: large download @130Mb) talk given by Gunter Van de Velde at the IPv6 Summit in Barcelona (June 2005).
  • IPv6 Security” Janos Mohacsi, NIIF/HUNGARNET at the Southern Africa IPv6 Training Workshop (September 2005)
  • “Recycling IPv4 Recycling IPv4 attacks in IPv6” by Francisco Jesús Monserrat Coll at the “Jornadas de Seguridad” (October 2005) [DEAD LINK: http://www.arcert.gov.ar/tc/presentaciones/martes/ReciclandoAtaquesIP-IRIS-CERT.pdf].
  • Security issues with IPv6 deployment” Tony Hain, Senior Technical Leader, IPv6 Technologies, Cisco Systems at the First Australian IPv6 Summit (November 2005)
  • “IPv6 security issues – Thinking outside the NAT box” by Tony Hain – Cisco Systems (December 2005) [DEAD LINK: http://www.afrinic.net/meeting/afrinic-3/presentations/afrinic3-13-12-2005/tony.pdf].


  • “IPv6 and IPv4 Threat Comparison and Best- Practice Evaluation (v1.0)” by D. Miller, S. Convery (March 2004) [DEAD LINK: http://www.cisco.com/security_services/ciag/documents/v6-v4-threats.pdf].
  • IP version 6 security considerations” talk given at CanSecWest 2004 by Jun-ichiro “itojun” Hagino.  Look for the “csw04-Itojun.ps” document in the conference archives. (April 2004).
  • IPv6- IPv4 Threat Comparison v1.0” talk by D. Miller, S. Convery at NANOG31 (May 2004).
  • Sending IPv6 packets to check firewall rules” by Laurent Constantin (May 2004).
  • Security of IPv6: from a firewalls point of view” (The paper of the extended abstract of this talk can be found here) given by Janos Mohacsi at the TERENA Networking Conference (June 2004).
  • IPv6 Security Threats” talk given by S. Convery, D. Miller at Networkers 2004 (June 2004).
  • “D1.2 Assessment of threats and vulnerabilities in networks” by SEINIT (August 2004) [DEAD LINK: http://www.seinit.org/documents/Deliverables/SEINIT_D1.2_PU.pdf].
  • “The challenges of filtering IPv6 packets” talk given by Andy Chien at IPv6 Tech 2004 (August 2004) [DEAD LINK: http://rd.ipv6.org.tw/2004seminar/document/PG-Security-IPv6.pdf].
  • “IPv6 Security Considerations” by Mohammad Heidari on (September 2004) [DEAD LINK: http://www.infosecwriters.com/texts.php?op=display&id=226].
  • “IPv6 Security” talk by Mat Ford, BT Exact, UK given at the UK IPv6 Deployment Conference (September 2004) [DEAD LINK: http://www.uk.ipv6tf.org/events/manchester.html#slides].
  • IPv6 Dual Stack Security Considerations” by D. Miller, S. Convery (October 2004).
  • “IPv6 Security Issues” by Georgios Koutepas (October 2004) [DEAD LINK: http://to.grnet.gr/content/modules/calendar/IPv6_security_en.ppt].
  • “IPv6 Capable Security Assessment IPv6 Capable Security Assessment / Penetration Testing Tools” by Gene Cronk (November 2004) [DEAD LINK: http://www.hacksonville.org/presos/ipv6_attack_tools.pdf].
  • Fast Worm Propagation in IPv6 Networks” by Jing Yang at the Malware Seminar Spring (November 2004).


  • “Cisco IOS IPv6 Access Control Lists” by Patrick Grossetete (April 2003) [DEAD LINK: http://www.cisco.com/warp/public/732/Tech/ipv6/docs/ipv6_acls0403.ppt].
  • “Intrusion Detection and IPv6” by Arrigo Triulzi (April 2003) [DEAD LINK: http://www.unob.cz/spi/ostatni/2003/Invited/Triulzi.pps].
  • IPv6 Security” talk by Eric Marin at the 6NET 2003 Workshop (May 2003).
  • IPv6 Security Considerations” by Patrick Grossetete and Dennis Vogel (June 2003).
  • Security Implications of IPv6” (The paper can be found on the ISS website here) talk given at BlackHat Federal by Michael H. Warfield of ISS  (July 2003).
  • Cryptographically Generated Addresses (CGA)” by Tuomas Aura at Microsoft Research (October 2003).
  • Does IPv6 protocol solve all security problems of IPv4?” talk by Franjo Majstor at Information Security Solutions Europe (October 2003).
  • IP version 6 security considerations” talk given at pacsec-jp by Jun-ichiro “itojun” Hagino (November 2003).
  • IPv6 Security Challenges” by Herve Schauer (November 2003).
  • “A Case Study on experimental IPv6 IDS” talk given at HITB by Pandir Harris and Raja Azlina Raja Mahmood (December 2003) [DEAD LINK: http://conference.hackinthebox.org/materials/HITBSecConf2003/scan_assoc/pokleyzz_and_pandir_harris.zip].
  • IPv6 and New Security Paradigm” by Yasuki Saito (NTT Communications) (December. 2003).




  • “Security Issues in IPv6” talk given by Ken Renard [DEAD LINK: http://www.wareonearth.com/whitepapers/IPv6SecurityIssues.pps].