Tools Section Added

Although not strictly security related I’ve added an extra section on online tools. This was prompted by an email I got from Brian McGehee about a tool on his website.  I also took the opportunity to update a few Internet-Drafts that have been published and also added a link to RFC4218 and a presentation on Intrusion Detection and IPv6.

Mobile IPv6/Firewalls/IPv6 NAT updates

First round of updates in a while including a new updated draft on the issues surrounding mobile IPv6 and firewalls. Some more presentations on IPv6 NAT issues and an interesting one on worm propagation in IPv6 networks. Also update the “Exploits and Advisories” section noting some Cisco and Linux issues.

Whitepapers Added

Most of the content is added now including the Whitepapers section. I’ve also managed to mirror just about every whitepaper listed there to avoid any documents totally disappearing. Next I will be updating the IETF Internet-Drafts section with a little more information on the listed files.